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Team - Good morning. As discussed at the Summit, yesterday Joe and I met with WHRSC to discuss NDMS hiring and other human capital actions. It was a productive discussion that included the ASPR Human Capital Division leadership. Below are some highlights from the meeting for your awareness:
  • All closed positions will be reopened in the next few days with a cutoff of 30 Aug and closure on 30 Sep. ‘Cutoff’ refers to the date the applications will be provided to NDMS for action, e.g. coordination for review with Team Commanders and selection of qualified personnel. ‘Closure’ is the date the announcement expires. It is imperative that those that wish to apply do so as soon as possible as my intent remains the same which is to hire the applicants that are best qualified to fill our vacancies. 
  • Individuals that received the ineligible letter:
  • If the announcement is still open, they only need to ‘update’ their application, not reapply through the system. This means if their resume is missing information (see below note) they need to update it and add to their application. They must ensure they remove the old resume to avoid confusion of correct document.
  • If the announcement is closed they must reapply when the announcement is reposted.
  • Key notes for those applying for positions:
  • Provide all information that is being asked for…DO NOT ASSUME as the personnel conducting the qualification reviews are looking for key elements (see next note)
  • When applying it is crucial that the information in the “Responsibilities” is adequately addressed with examples provided. STOMP, STOMP, STOMP!!!
  • There will be follow-up made for those that received tentative job offers. I asked that they cease placing timelines in the tentative offers as they are not being met and they agreed to remove the timeline.
  • WHRSC leadership will address the lack of communication by the personnel listed on the announcement to ensure there is adequate follow-up to the applicant’s request for information.
  • Team transfers, voluntary transfer requests (ex: Training Specialist to Logistics Specialist), and resignations are being addressed for completion.
More to follow as we continue the process.
Ron Miller
National Disaster Medical System

New Article - Page:Information on HHS Hiring positions : New Page - 20180408 0220

PLEASE help get the word out to all those interested in joining the team!  Folks MUST go to Http://www.USAJobs 

THANKS ALL for your continued patience through this crazy, extended process.


Team - Good morning.  FYSA. Below are the first announcements related to the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) direct hire authority.  The announcements are for intermittent, term positions with a not-to-exceed date of 2 years with a possible 2-year extension.  The announcements opened Friday, April 6, 2018, and will close Friday, July 27, 2018 (unless otherwise extended).  The announcements are going public-wide with mass allowable distribution so please encourage those on your teams to apply as soon as possible. 

Vacancy closing date (which will serve as an additional cut-off):  August 30, 2018 (01Aug18 Updated)


UPDATE: This is Jay Brosnan, Deputy Team Commander for FL1 DMAT. It has been brought to my attention that folks that have applied for positions with HHS/NDMS/FL1 DMAT have been receiving letters from Human Resources (OPM) stating that the applicant is not qualified. Please go back to the “complete job descriptions” and modify your resumé to include the keywords of the posted job descriptions. Understand OPM uses a “robot” to scan your resumé for specific keywords. PLEASE DO NOT be discouraged, please adjust your resumé and resubmit. We really want and need you on our team.

Vacancy announcement information and links to apply:



Nurse Specialist (RN) GS-0610-11



Health Technician (Paramedic) GS-640-09



Respiratory Therapist GS-0651-08



Physician (formerly Medical Officer) GS-0602-13



Nurse Practitioner GS-0610-12



Physician Assistant GS-0603-12



Pharmacist GS-0660-12




Deputy Team Commander GS-0301-14



Safety and Occupational Health Specialist GS-0018-12




Emergency Management Specialist (Administration and Finance Officer) GS-0089-11



Administrative Specialist GS-0301-12




Telecommunications Specialist GS-0391-11



IT Specialist GS-2210-11




Logistics Management Specialist GS-0346-12



Supply Management Specialist GS-2003-9



Applicants must read the announcement in its entirety, follow all instructions, and provide all required documentation.  All questions involving the positions of applicants will only be answered by the points of contacts on the announcements. NDMS will not answer any questions to ensure the process is handled as required.