Below is a list of some of the more common acronyms used by NDMS and our team.  If you know or come accross any others that you feel should be added to this list please do not hesitate to email me at .

Acronym    Stands for:

AAR                       After Action Report

AO                          Administrative Officer

ASPR                     Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response            

BOO                       Base of Operations

CBA                        Central Billing Account

CDC                        Center for Disease Control

CEO                        Chief Executive Officer

CMO                      Chief Medical Officer

CO                          Communications Office

COB                       Close of Business

DHHS                     Department of Health and Human Services

DMAT                   Disaster Medical Assistance Team

DMIS                     Disaster Information Medical Suite

DMORT                  Disaster Mortuary Team

DPMU                   Disaster Portable Morgue Unit

DTC                        Deputy Team Commander

DVRT                     Disaster Veterinary Response Team

EMR                       Electronic Medical Records

EOC                        Emergency Operation Center

EOP                        Emergency Operation Plan

FMS                       Federal Medical Station

FOD                       Foreign Object Debris

FTR                         Federal Travel Regulations

FTX                         Field Training Exercise

HIPAA                   Health Information Portability and Accountability Act

IAP                         Incident Action Plan

IBA                         Individual Billing Account

IC                            Incident Commander

ICP                         Incident Command Post

ICS                          Incident Command System

ILI                           Influenza like illness

ILO                         Incident Liaison Officer

IMSURT                International Medical Surgical Response Team

IMT                        Incident Management Team

IPR                         Intermittent Personnel Request

IRCT                       Incident Response Command Team

ITAS                       Integrated Timekeeping and Attendance System

JIC                          Joint Information Center

JIS                           Joint Information System

JPATS                    Joint Patient Assessment & Tracking System

LZ                            Landing Zone

MAC-t                   Mobile Acute Care team

MLK                       Mobile Lifesaving Kit

NDMS                   National Disaster Medical System

NIMS                     National Incident Management System

NMRT                   National Medical Response Team

NRP                       National Response Plan

OSHA                    Occupational Safety and Health Agency

PIO                         Public Information Officer

POC                       Point of Contact

POV                       Privately Owned Vehicle

RIT                          Rapid Intervention Team

RMS                       Response Management System

SO                          Safety Officer

SOP                        Standard Operating Procedure

TC                           Team Commander

TO                          Training Officer

USPHS                  US Pubic Health Service

FUBAR                  Messed up beyond all recognition

CHAOS                  Chief has arrived on Scene